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Spring Newsletter

Greetings and HAPPY SPRING!
Spring has sprung! Except for all the rain (which brings the flowers bear in mind),
the warmer weather is a welcome change to the perpetual winter weve been
experiencing. I hope everyones homes are high and DRY! If not, dont feel alone,
many experienced wet basements and yards. J By the way, did you know there
are alternatives to the high cost of some professional basement waterproofing
systems? Let me know if youd like more information on that. For those thinking
of a housing change this season, I hope youll find the following helpful.
Sellers, in preparation for a spring listing, keep the following in mind:
1) Price the home properly to compete in the market. If the buying public
deems the property overpriced, it will sit, and extensive days on market will
likely net you less in the long run.
2) Be mindful of the appraisal. Appraisals can be a problem in transactions
if the property isnt properly priced and the offer reflects that inaccuracy.
Look closely at the comparables your agent uses to price the home. Make
sure they truly are comparable to avoid obstacles down the road.
3) STAGING. The home should be IMMACULATE! De-clutter and move
furniture to make it appear spacious. For showings, open drapes and
blinds, turn lights on, and when the temperatures will allow open windows
so the home smells fresh. First impressions are CRITICAL! You want
the buyers to immediately feel the home has been well maintained.
Dont forget to keep the grass cut, trees&shrubs trimmed, etc. Agents
encourage buyers to do drive-bys prior to scheduling showings. You want
the exterior to be inviting so theyre motivated to make an appointment to
see inside.
Buyers, here are some things to consider if you will be actively shopping for a
home in the near future.
1) Much has changed in the world of home financing. I would be happy to
discuss these changes with you and recommend some reputable, local
lenders who can guide you through the complicated maze of finance
2) Hows your credit? Its best to find and deal with any issues up front.
This is one of many things a lender will review in preparation to provide
you with a pre-approval letter so you can begin your search.
3) Your lender will also discuss the various loan types available, how much
you will need for down payment and closing costs, etc. Keep in mind,
the more you save for a down payment, the more purchase power youll
have and more loan options will be available to you.
4) If you are in the preliminary stages of looking, visit my website It provides a non-invasive way to check out
whats on the market as well as plenty of other valuable information.
Remember, I am here to help! If you have questions or needs outside of real
estate, I can be an excellent resource. If I dont have the answer for you, I can
likely suggest someone who does.
Stay dry and keep in touch. J #1 GREAT NEWS!





I hope everyone had a Happy, Healthy, Fun, and Peaceful holiday season.  The year ended on a high note for me with some much needed time with family and friends.  We were finally able to visit my daughter and see the home she and her fianc purchased this year which was a thrill.  My boys flew in from Seattle as well, so we were all together and it was a joyous Christmas indeed!  The only thing missing that I can think of is SNOW :)

2012 was phenomenal!   I am so grateful to have helped so many with their real estate needs, and to each and every one of you, my sincere thanks!  Now on to 2013.  I am incredibly excited about the new year.  January starts out a bit melancholy with the chore of packing away all the favorite decorations of the season, but it is also a busy and exciting time in my office.  This is the time of year where I reflect.   What were the positives of 2012?  What areas could stand improvement?  What goals were met, and what new goals do I want to set for 2013?  What new things can I learn this year? 

Looking back at 2012 statistically, nationally we closed very strong.  Home sales have increased by 14.5% in volume and inventory is down 23% from 2011. This is GREAT NEWS!

Locally, residential home sales rose 2.51% in volume with average property values up 5.96% for the year.   These are all positive signs that point to the fact this is a great time to buy or sell!  We are all very encouraged and gearing up for an exciting year.

Hopefully everyones Christmas wishes were fulfilled and this email finds you well.  As always, I am here to help.   If you or yours have any real estate needs, questions, etc., call anytime. 

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